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Graybill's Steelhead Scent Guide Formula Fish Attractant

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Like our salmon formula, our steelhead scent is also an anise base formula but is directed towards the different feeding nature of a steelhead. Steelhead, unlike salmon, will still feed when they come back to fresh water but it just is not their 1st priority. So we took the anise, a natural baitfish oil, with a bite stimulant oil and blended them with the precise amounts to target the passive aggressive feeding nature of the steelhead and came up with scent they just cannot refuse!

"As a professional fisherman and Northwest fishing guide, I, Shane Magnuson have had the opportunity to test many of the fish attractants that are available to the public. Although these products increased my fishing success, I felt that an attractant could be formulated for specific species, which would stick to the lure longer and create a scent stream that draws fish to your bait and makes them STRIKE! Guiding full-time gave me the opportunity to test and experiment on a daily basis. Graybill's Guide formulas are the result of my experience."
Shane Magnuson - Owner & Creator

  • Fresh & Saltwater Guide Formula
  • Increases the effectiveness of any lure or bait
  • Non-pollutant to environment
  • 8 oz.

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