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Graybill's Sardine Scent - Guide Formula Fish Attractant

Item UPC: 72317596503
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These oils are all environment safe and all natural. We prefer the dipping or overnight marinating process when it comes to applying our scents. Remember that a natural oil stays together in water longer and does not get broken down by the water because the better it stays together the more fish will get to smell it! Also for peak effectiveness, we recommend washing your hands before handling all baits, wearing nitrile gloves if you can. We recommend washing all lures and gear every time after use so the next time out fishing and applying Graybill's Guide Scents, you are getting the best scent trail possible. Think about what you may touch and end up transferring to your gear. Maybe think about not petting the dog until you are done baiting, being careful with that dirty old fish rag that has been in the boat for days, or putting on those gloves when at the gas pump in the morning fueling up. Try and keep rods, tackle and bait covered up when going down the road to keep any road grime (gas, diesel, oil, deicer, leakage) from all vehicles off your equipment. Enjoy the use of our products and go catch more fish!

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