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NEW! Pro Troll ProChip 11" Flasher With Agitator Fin (White Super UV)

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New item for 2015!

The PC11-796 is an 11 inch flasher has a white blade with Super charged UV tape.  It is the top salmon producer in this flasher series.  The ProChip 11 series is the fastest growing flasher series in the Pro-Troll line.  The diagonal kicker fin on the back gives this flasher a lot more action particularly at slow speeds than a conventional 11 inch flasher.  The electronic EChip adds another big fish catching advantage.  

It is important how this flasher and all flashers are rigged.  The most important part is the tail leader or the leader between the flasher and the bait or lure you have behind the flasher.  See "Flasher Rigging" on the Pro-Troll website (www.protroll.com).  Normally about 48 inches for bait and 36 inches to a hoochie will work.  This flasher has a big advantage when trolling slow (between 1 and 2 mph).  The kicker fin keeps the flasher kicking and spinning even at these slow speeds.  Late in the season when the large salmon hogs arrive, most of the time they will not hit a fast moving bait.  This flasher is ideal under those circumstances.  You can troll slow and still have a good flasher kick.

ProChip 11" Flasher With Agitator Fin (White Super UV)

  • The patented kicker fin on the back of this flasher gets you flasher action like never before
  • Full 11 inches long
  • Combined side and spin action provides an eratic roll for more attraction
  • Works successfully as slow as 1 MPH to catch those big hogs late in the season
  • Has the kicking power to run spoons and large bait rigs behind the flasher
  • EChip attraction for more hookups

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