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Kokabow Trolling Blades - Pink Ice Tail Feather Blade 5.5"

Item UPC: 85755900466
Shipping Weight: 3 oz.


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This speciality blade adds extra action to your lure due to its unique design. Each blade is inlaid with glitter for reflection of light and attraction of fish.

Try connecting two blades in series with a 7" or 14" Kokabow Blade Connector for added attraction of fish.

  • Excellent attractor with a Kokabow Spinner.
  • 5 1/2 inch Trolling Blade.


Alan Greenhalgh, Kokabow Fishing Tackle's owner, says " I wasn't satisfied with the quality of tackle being produced and sold to the public." Most Kokanee and Trout Fishing Tackle is manufactured in foreign countries produced with plastic beads, imitation crystals, poor quality hooks, and a non- brand named line. 

Due to my disatisfaction, I started experimenting with colored glass beads, extreme quality crystals, brand named hooks & line, and a variety of blade colors to attract fish. I found a certain element to catching Kokanee and Trout was designing a spinner series and inline attractors which produced an extreme reflection of light, enticing color combinations, and a balanced presentation to the fish.
Kokabow Fishing Tackle's products offers just that! Kokanee and Trout now have become easier and abundant to catch using Kokabow Fishing Tackle. The unique Kokabow Spinner Series and attractors are becoming a "go to favorite" across the Northwest to attract not only Kokanee and Trout but Sockeye Salmon, Walleye, Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Perch.
We believe you'll see and feel the quality difference of our tackle.  So "Takem' for a Spin", and watch them strike!
Tight lines,
Alan & Wendi Greenhalgh
Kokabow Fishing Tackle, LLC.
Meridian, Idaho


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