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Graybill's Super Blue Herring Brine

Item UPC: 72317596054
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This is a mixture of powders meant to get the best life out of your herring! NW Bait & Scent has taken different powders and blended them together to create a brine that will stiffen your bait without shriveling it, and will brighten your bait so better attention can be caught by all of the different shines coming off of the scales. Additionally, this powder contains ingredients that help secure the scales to your bait, to help provide the optimum shine. Now in BLUE! In warmer water applications, we recommend pre-cutting your bait and then brining it for 24 hours. In colder water situations, brining the whole bait and cutting once out fishing works great. This brine is designed to keep the bait fresh and natural because the freshest bait, is the best bait.

  • Directions: Cut one dozen herring. Mix 1/3 cup of brine per 1 quart water. Let dissolve. Place in brine and put in refrigerator overnight. Herring good for seven days if kept cold.

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